Passion for conservation

There was a strong urge in me to start this long time back, but now the time has come and I started this blog, thanks to the huge motivation given by my friends, especially my friends who are into wildlife research. The passion for conserving the nature- It was not now that I am studying what global warming is. I had interest in the field of development right from my college days, the precise reason why I chose to graduate in Economics and especially developmental economics. It was in my second year of college that I got a chance to explore Environmental Policies for the National Economic Convention. My interests grew ever since then. Back at that time, I had a friend called Divya Mannan (I don’t know where she is now) and we had brainstroming sessions on water and air pollution policies. That year we won runners up for the first time. That was the time when I also met Bittu Sehgal, the editor of Sanctuary. Then I met the professor at Monash University who taught Environmental studies and he told me to come to Australia to do my Ph.d. My motivation grew and I decided that I would study environment and development in relation to climate change and conservation. Global warming as a whole troubled me so intensly.

I wanted to write, reach out and communicate. With that I forayed into the media industry, though I was into business journalism, I experimented wildlife writing through my freelance break. I did publish one piece and that was it! I did not find much scope for writing wildlife and then I decided to move beyond writing and get into conservation.

How humans who encroach the wild spaces for their bread and butter and animals who stray away into villages and farms, creating a massive destruction for humans to live-where is the balance. I am making attempts to understand community development and local issues and their involvement in helping solve this conflict situation.

Al Gore’s incovenient truth came as an eye opener for me. It talked about how wildlife has been impacted by climate change-the changing patterns in migration and breeding, incubation among animals has changed drastically. So, why should we bother if wildlife is getting affected could be the question many might pose. We like in an ecosystem chain and if we lose species, the link is being broken somewhere and that is going to finally have a impact on human lives.

In my attempts in journalism career, I tried to address some core initiatives taken by companies to bring in alternative energy. There seemed to be some hope that people were using nature to create energy. Sadly, in India, I found that not much is being done. We have a long way to go. Let’s not even compare Africa here. They are way ahead of us!

I want the Gangotri glacier to provide water forever, want the Artic basin to be a home for polar bears-they are dying due to melting of ice shelves. The kilimanjaro is fast losing its glacier and very soon nothing will be left. Who is the cause of this? We humans, of course!

And we talk about food crises, water problems-the root of it all lies in combating the issue of global warming.

Business journalism is not in my blood, writing is and love for earth definitely is. With this blog, I hope to reach out to many people to talk about wildlife conservation and little things that we can do to bring change! Together, we can. Rather than just being embroiled in a materialistic life, I think everyone of us should give something back to nature. Afterall, it is nature that has given us this home! We want elephants in the forests and not to be the history books in future, dont we?

Little initiatives can make difference, even if it is a drop in the ocean, lets make a beginning!


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