Why save only tigers?

This rankled my mind for a long time! We all the time keep talking about saving tigers, tigers and tigers in India. What about the other species for a change? When I met many NGOs and conservationists, they said, anything but Tiger. Why are we overemphasisng? It is agreed that it is important to save the tiger population before they go extinct like the cheetahs! But, such importance is not being given to many other species, why so?

I met Varad Giri, a herpetologist from BNHS in Bombay who explained to me about how frogs are the best indicators of climate change. Much to my chagrin, I also found that was no data available about frogs, their population, breeding patterns and so on. We need a monkey, a butterfly, a moth, deer and everything to keep the ecosystem running and if one link in the chain is broken, it will impact somewhere, on wildlife and in turn to humans as well.

When will people realise it? Sometimes, I even feel that conservationists are jumping into the bandwagon of saving tigers as they get loads of international funding, enough to gobble up for a happy living! Saving Jerdons courser, the endemic bird is more important than saving a tiger..this bird is going extinct and we must save it before it vanishes and becomes extinct..havent we lost many species already? Snow leopards, fox, frogs, dolphins, cecilians, who will save them?

LetĀ  us stop investing too much of money and time just on tigers and equally look at saving the other wild species..Its high time we did that!


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