Lions to be shifted to Madhya Pradesh?

Recently, there have been talks of the new environment minister Jairam Ramesh showing keen interest in wildlife issues in India. After planning to introduce cheetahs in India, he is trying to shift the GirLions from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh. The big cats from Sasan Gir to Kuno Palpur in Madhya Pradesh will be given in exchange to Gujarat.

The Gujarat government, it seems has rejected the proposal with the lack of security and appropriate scientific data. And of course, if tigers cannt be protected, how will the Lions be protected. Thats debatable enough!

A petition was filed by Biodiversity Conservation Trust of India, a Delhi-based NGO, for transfer of the Gir lions. The trust has contended that wild animals confined to a single area can spell death knell for their long-term survival. Also it has been noticed that  24 villages inside the Kuno reserve have been relocated elsewhere to make room for the Gir lions and an estimated Rs 15 crore has been spent on the project. The hearing will happen on Sep 16th.

The question also remains-on what basis is Kuno wildlife sanctuary chosen as a place for the Lions? What will be the measures taken to conserve and preserve them? Also, it has been said that tigers are living in the forest and that lions and tigers cannot live together in the forest.

I fail to understand the reasonings behind taking this step. And how beneficial it will be in saving tigers/lions. There should be substantial scientific backing to this, only then will the scheme be successful.


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