Gulf of Mannar revives its corals!

The headline sure sounds very positive, isnt it? Reports say, conservation laws and strong involvement from the local community did help in restoring corals in the gulf of mannar which has 21 islands stretching from Ramanathapuram to Kanyakumari. A survey shows that the live coral cover has gone up by a significant five per cent to 42% in 2008 from 37% during 2003-2005.

Climate has been a major threat to these reefs. This marine biosphere  of India should continue to be protected and saved.

Till date, there has been a significant contribution from the local people towards saving the corals. This active participation more came in the light of Tsunami. Tsunami triggered people to take action and it also helped them to understand why corals are important for the eco system.

There have been many instance when corals have been exploited just to beautify the aquariums of the people from the western world. What justice is that? Corals have a life and now with extensive exploitation of the corals for colorful fishes, mining, pollution, coral bleaching, and what not!

We can’t just pass the buck on coral miners and say that we should stop them. Yes, we should but at the same time, local communities in the first place should be educated and made aware about the impacts of coral destruction. This will help them in standing up and taking an action to stop this act now!

And all the developed nations, these corals look better in the sea than your furnished homes!! Stop coral bleaching from global warming. It is time for action!


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