Rest in peace, oh Vulture!

The human race has again done a commendable job, and this time they have challenged themselves to create a record in making a specie go extinct. It is the vulture indeed. They have ousted the record period of extinction of the innocent bird dodo. I remember during my childhood days in Bombay, I could see so many of them flying in peace and harmony. Today, I see none. Why? Because, they are near extinction specie.

According to British Medical association, in the last 12 years vulture population has crashed by 97%. These birds feed on carcasses. You could see them flying above the graveyard of the Parsi community in Bombay. Parsis do not burn the dead bodies, they leave it for the vultures to feed. Today, with the decline in the population of vultures, these dead bodies lie decaying, posing a threat to people in the vicinity.

How did this happen?

Livestock drug which was used to feed cattle was the cause. The drug companies in their ulterior profit motives are doing this. Diclofenac, the deadly drug is clearly the cause, the scientists opine. The vultures which feed on the carcass of livestock, die due to exposure to these drugs caused due to kidney failure.

The three species of vultures is now dwindling to mere numbers. Captive breeding is the last hope, the scientists claim. We will now see vultures in the zoo, with their freedom to fly being deprived due to selfish human interests. Scientists are urging people to save the vultures now.

Makes me think, we do we even come to a point to where we make them extinct? Why can’t we take steps to rescue them when we get warning signals? With extensive media coverage on the issue internationally, scientists are taking rescue steps. It is sad to see that a bird of abundance is reduced to mere extinction.

My two line dedication to the lovely bird

Vultures were flying in my backyard
Today, I can only see them in a graveyard

Rest in peace, oh vulture!!
For your moments are counted in hour clock!


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