Forest visitors, listen!

How to behave in a forest? This is one thing  that people who venture into forest should know and adhere to. This time, it was in Mudumalai where people got off in flocks, much to my chagrin, the place looked less like a national park and more like a picnic spot to me. That apart people did not know how to behave in a forest.

Only safaris are now allowed in Bandipur. People who came here did not even know which forest they were in. As they came to Bangalore, they probably thought, lets go to forest. No sooner, the bus starts off, people start talking in loud voices. This not just disturbs the harmony, but also distracts animals and people who are real nature enthusiasts and want to see animals and birds.

Such people, please listen. When you enter the bus, please read the sign board which says “Please keep silence.” The driver does make an announcement on how not to talk in the forest. Even then people do not listen. No sooner, we entered the forest, we saw a leopard cub, thanks to the noise of the people, it ran away. This is one reason why people should not make a commotion. Sometimes, these noise disturbances can distract animals. The entire purpose of going to forest then goes in vain.

Come to the forest only if you can respect nature. If not, stay out and do not spoil the enthusiasm of people who are interested.

When coming to the forest, do NOT wear clothes in white. Avoid flashy colours, glittery stuff. This will only lead to distracting animals. It could also cause an agitation and animals will attack humans. It is essential that you wear earthy colors to merge with the nature.

You are not going to a party. So, no smelly perfumes. These perfumes can disturb animals and could lead to an attack again. Do not throw waste into the forest-plastics bags, bottles or wrappers. Keep the forest clean.When you see an animal, do not get excited and jump. Watch the animal carefully and tell others in signs. Noise is a great distractor to animals.

These are a few things which people need to follow if they are entering the forest. If you can’t it is better you avoid going.

If you are seeing someone talking in the bus, please tell them this. Tell them not to make noise. This is what I did. I made a grand announcement every time I hopped into the bus, telling people the perils of human noise in the forest and what can happen. When you calmly tell people, they will listen. If it comes from heart and if you can tell people the way they can connect to the issue. Also, I was thinking authorities should think of slapping a fine on people who fail to follow the instructions. This way we ensure people behave properly.


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