Sparrows declared endangered

Common sparrow was common-that was once upon a time, maybe even until five years back. These birds would find a safe harbour in the homes of humans, build nest in flats and houses, scamper and fly to feed the young chicks.

Now, with the population of house sparrows on decline, scientists are worried. Birds are a great indicator of the environment. House sparrows live with humans and their presence indicates a healthy environment for humans. As the population of these birds decline, it is a warning signal for humans that we are living in an unhealthy environment.

The house sparrow was listed under the least concern category by International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Now, with the pressure of scientists and vast disappearance of these birds, IUCN has declared it endangered-for we need to protect and save them to bring back the environment to harmony.

Why is everyone talking about reviving sparrow population one might ask? For one, sparrows keep the insect population under control. Second, they also serve as preys to bigger birds of prey. The most important fact however is this-these birds indicate how good your environment is and how safe it is for living. If they fly away, it shows a sign of peril to human life.

Today we use extensive pesticides in our garden. These kill the insects, taking away the food of the birds. The use of towers everywhere disturbs the birds. The radiation emitted can mislead the birds and there have been instances where the chicks have failed to hatch near these towers.

What can we do about it? As an individual, this is what you can do. Many people have now adopted nest boxes. These boxes can provide the sparrow with shelter, nesting place and food. There has to be an awareness raised for people to reconnect with birds which lived with us and depends on us for their survival. They save us by keeping the insect population on check, their presence will ensure we humans are living in a safe environment.

Save the sparrows before they are long gone!!


2 thoughts on “Sparrows declared endangered

  1. Deep in the heart of Royston, Herts we attract 100 sparrows daily. We have put up three bird feeders in the hedge opporsite us and they flock! Such a simple measure to help out our little feathered friends!

    • That is amazing to hear Mandy. Would love to see the pictures as well. I see some sparrows near my house as well as the place is not as urbanised as the metros. The birds still thrive here in smaller population.

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