Competing for conservation

Pygmy hog is competing for conservation with Bengal tigers, Rhinos. Where these animals are getting signifcant funds, time and effort for conservation, little is being done to save the Pygmy hog. Only 150 are now left.

Pygmy Hog, the critically endangered animal, needs the support of local people for its restoration.

“The pygmy hog is the sole representative of Porcula, making the conservation of this critically endangered species even more important as its extinction would result in the loss of a unique evolutionary branch of pigs.The Pygmy Hog is critically endangered with less than hundred and fifty thought to be left in the wild. Once native to India, Bhutan and Nepal, these little guys were thought extinct from the 1950s-60s, until a small population was
discovered. They can now be found only in the northwest Assam region in India.”

What has caused this? Loss of habitat is one. Their space is now captured by humans for agriculture. Livestock trading, poaching and human intervention have added to this.

Commercial forestry, bad forest management practices are other reasons. Captive breeding methods in the past were not done for conservation. Some piece meal efforts on this front failed as well, leading to the death of these tiny pigs.

Where all the funds are just going for saving one endangered specie than a critically endangered one, it is time that resources go into saving these tiny pigs.  The Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme (PHCP) should now take serious effort to save these last existing species ..much before it becomes extinct..


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