Rhino horn and Chinese medicine-there is no connection!

Myths have always played their role in human lives. Blind faith that have no strong basis, no scientific evidence. This has had an impact on wildlife as well-the endangered Rhino.

Chinese medicine uses Rhino horn to cure diseases. They claim to have an impact. Like a famous Elle Macpherson who consumes rhino horn powder and says it tastes like crushed bone and fungus in a capsule.  Her beauty had nothing to do with Rhino horn! She should be behind bars…


Selling or purchasing products that contain or claim to contain ingredients derived from endangered species is prohibited by CITES.

… forbids import and export of rhino horn, tiger bone and their products, forbids selling, purchasing, transporting, carrying and mailing rhino horn, tiger bone and their products.


It is believed that Asian Rhinos were disappearing due to their proximity to China. The superstitions behind this-a great reason to poach!

Again, to get the Rhino horn, one does not need to kill the animal.

Second, Rhino has no effect or impact on human health.

The Swiss pharmaceutical firm Hoffmann-La Roche conducted tests and declared at the end of them that rhino horn had no effect on the human body whatsoever, good or bad. Chinese scientists in Hong Kong found that rhino horn did have a cooling effect on fever induced in laboratory rats, but only when used in massive doses. Whatever explanation one might try to find, the final outcome is that rhinos now live on the cusp of extinction: not because they are out of date, but because of a rather frivolous human demand.

Rhino horn is not an aphrodisiac. Also, the horn is made only of keratin and has no medicinal properties.

Despite scientific studies and evidences, nothing has been done to stop rhino poaching. It is time to stop the Chinese from bringing the animal to an extinction point. Get together to save the Rhinos! Stop the ruthless slaughter..


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