Birds nest and crocodiles

Wonder what the heading is about? I was watching a documentary on crocodiles and how they were protecting their eggs in the sand. The female crocodile, gently and patiently pulled out the sand and lay her eggs. She then covered up the sand and sat over it.
It was just then the birds living in the vicinity got happy. Wonder why?
Well, most bird’s nest are under threat of predators like birds of prey (eagle, falcon, to name some) or animals. With the crocodile eggs close by, the birds could now heave a high of relief as the predators would not come close to their nest-due to the fear of crocodile’s attack.
Is this what is called as synergy? How nature helps nature and how animals and birds live in communion and harmony, taking help from each other.
The birds did wear a peaceful look on their face. Finally, their nests were safe from attack.


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