Bird watching at Ramachandra lake, Sulur

It was another of the road less traveled journeys to rustic villages to experience the beauty of birds in wetlands and scrubs. We went along and walked up into this small unknown place, filled by paddy and corn fields where birds lived free, away from the fear of humans.

We walked quietly watching the various migratory birds. The first one that caught our sight was the Rosy starling, flocked and huddled together on a wire.

Picture: Booted warbler

Picture: Pied crested cuckoo

Yellow wagtail

Spotted munia

Here are the list of birds we saw.

  1. Parakeet
  2. Rosy starling
  3. Common coot
  4. Small blue kingfisher
  5. White throated kingfisher
  6. Turtle dove
  7. Peacock
  8. Small egret
  9. Large egret
  10. Pied wagtail
  11. Yellow wagtail
  12. Booted warbler
  13. Common sandpiper
  14. Painted stork
  15. Grey Heron
  16. Purple heron
  17. White breasted waterhen
  18. Black kite
  19. Pond heron
  20. Spotted munia
  21. Purple sunbird (male)
  22. Purple sunbird (female)
  23. Black Drongo
  24. Indian treepie
  25. Pied crested cuckoo
  26. Baybacked shrike
  27. Darter
  28. Greater Coucal
  29. White headed babbler
  30. Blue tailed bee eater
  31. Green bee eater
  32. Common swallow
  33. Spot billed duck
  34. Black winged stilt
  35. Common ringed plover
  36. Red wattled lapwing
  37. Common sparrow
  38. Intermediate egret
Common Sandpiper

Picture: Black Drongo amidst yellow fields

Picture: Darters

Rosy Starling

This was done as a part of census by BNHS on Asiatic water birds.

Text and Pictures: Sharada Balasubramanian


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