Save Gangapur IBA


The Gangapur Dam is a important habitat for birds in Nashik Maharashtra is in danger from mindless development planned by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation to promote wine tourism in Nashik.

MTDC wants to create a water park at this IBA to have so that tourist specially foreigners who came here can enjoy speed boats, Bannana Boats, Para Gliding, Paddle Boats, Musical Fountains etc. 

No EIA or necessary approvals have been undertaken for this project by the government agencies. 

Gangapur is a place which has year round presence of high numbers of birds hence this water park will spell doom for the birds. 

Mr. Raha from Nature Conservation Society of Nashik has been trying hard to save this site but he will need support from all of us. Mr. Raha has al;ready written letters to the MoEF, State Government of India and PCCF Nashik. 

IT will be helpful to if all play our role and write to the below mentioned address of the high offices. If we keep quite one by one our national heritages will be lost. 

In past your help has helped in saving The Narcondom Hornbill. We request all if you also to write to the Presidents office, Minister of Environment and Forest and other High offices. 

Please find mentioned the below mentioned online address where we would request you to send a strong letter of protest. We have enough numbers we would be able to make a real difference. 

Presidents Helpline

Minister of Environment and Forest

Government of India has an online Grievance forum

Read the below mentioned news item where the MTDC Director is talking in favour of Wine Tourisum.

Gangapur Dam IBA at a glance 

This year also thousand’s of migratory birds have arrived at Gangapur Dam. The last bird census was carried out on 4th December 2012.

We are doing this census since last 15 years and we have been monitoring the bird population & this area is an IBA. Also we have observed that it is an important flyway & spotover point for birds migrating from Eurasia, Russia to South India & Africa.

Gangapur Dam is an Important Bird Area & also the only catchment area for drinking water to Nashik & Ahmednagar district which is going to be developed for amusement park and motor boating Water Park. This will totally destroy the present Eco-System here. Gangapur Dam an IBA holds the second largest bird population in Nashik apart from Nandur Madhmeshwar.  In fact residential birds like Little Cormorant, Large Cormorant and local duck species such as Spot bill, Comb duck are seen breeding in the area.  The water body also attracts many uncommon  visitors such as Bar-headed Goose, Grey lark ghese , Grater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo, Common Shell Duck and Black Necked Grebe , which are not seen in Nandur Madhmeshwar and other water bodies. The adjoining grassland surrounding the Dam have number of grassland birds  such as (1) Lesser Florican [during monsoon] (2) Lesser  Kestrel (3) Red Headed Merlin (4) Stone-Curlew (5) Yellow wattled Lapwing  etc, even the Bird Ortolan Bunting was sited after 20 years in this area  in India. Some grassland birds which used this area for spot over migration are Amur Falcon, Red Back Shrike etc.


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