Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network, commonly known as SSTCN, has completed its 25th consecutive year as a voluntary organisation. We have been working on the beaches of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India since 1988. Olive ridley turtles nest in this region between January and April. We begin our walks each night around 1am, take a one hour break at 3am if we haven’t found a turtle or nest, and then continue monitoring the beach until at least 5am.
Since 2009, we have covered two stretches of beach, north (6km long) and south (8km long) of the Adyar River. The beaches north and south of the Adyar River have very different dynamics. Nesting on the southern beach begins and ends early in the season, while the opposite pattern is observed on the northern beach as nesting begins later and more slowly but lasts for longer.
In 2013, the southern beach yielded 120…

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