Coca Cola Draining Groundwater Stores In India

Global Truths

Coca Cola is one of the most recognisable brands in the world today, arguably second after McDonalds; however it is also one of the most degrading to the environment. The company uses enough water every day to meet the worlds drinking requirements for ten days (The Ecologist 2009), a large amount of which doesn’t go into its drinks. Coca Cola is severely depleting groundwater supplies in several states in India, causing water famines and farmers crops to fail. 70% of Indians’ livelihoods centre around agriculture (The Ecologist 2009), therefore a drop in water can have fatal consequences for their business and consequently their communities. Coca Cola has invested around $1 billion in India, making it one of the country’s largest international investors, and employs around 7,000 people (CSR Asia 2005), in its 52 bottling plants ( 2012), all of which are depleting groundwater stores.

mehdiganjgraph Mehdiganj’s Groundwater Table

In the case…

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