Reuse, recreate: DIY Table and Lamp

I had many old tapes in the house. We don’t use them anymore. My mother thought of throwing them away. Then I told her we could create something out of this. I looked at various DIY projects from such tapes. However, I created my own project.

To secure the tapes, I tried using silicone tubes but that didn’t work. So, I tried using m-seal. And it really worked.

I sealed the tapes with m-seal, built a base and slowly started constructing the table. Initially my idea was just to fix the table, but I had an old discarded table lamp and thought why not make it into table cum lamp. So, I made the table top removable and then fixed the lamp on to it.

This is how my table looks. I will be happy to share my techniques with anyone!

Picture of Joining the tapes

Picture of Adding light to the table

Recycling, reusing, repairing starts from home and by thinking how one can do it, one can come up with zillions of solutions..Old tapes can be used to create anything..Pen stands, tables and whatever catches your fancy and imagination!


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